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Season 1
Episode 1 - Rachael's Premiere Episode 2 - The 'O' Factor Episode 3 - Rachael Reinvents School Lunches Episode 4 - Potluck Thursday Episode 5 - Polar Bear Cookoff Episode 6 - Family Dinner Night Episode 7 - Dr. Phil's One-Pot Meal Episode 8 - "I Lost 70 lbs on Rachael's Meals!" Episode 9 - Chicken Three Ways Episode 10 - Grocery Store Confidential Episode 11 - Husband & Wife Cookoff Episode 12 - "Bad" Foods That Are Good For You Episode 13 - Rach's Meals In Space Episode 14 - Bottom of the Jar Recipes Episode 15 - Theme Parties and Michael Bolton Episode 16 - Sopranos Sauce-Off Episode 17 - Rachael's First Mystery Taster Episode 18 - "The Nine's" Scott Wolf Episode 19 - Rachael's Broadway Debut with Martin Short Episode 20 - Law & Order Day Episode 21 - Jessica Simpson's Surprise Episode 22 - "My Husband Won't Cook!" Episode 23 - Lost's Dominic Monaghan Episode 24 - Grey's Anatomy's Chandra Wilson Episode 25 - Wild Animals Episode 26 - Skinny Girl Fashions for Curvy Girls Episode 27 - Closet Intervention Episode 28 - Bones' David Boreanaz Episode 29 - Plastic Surgery 101 Episode 30 - Penny-Pinching Mom Episode 31 - Rod Stewart Episode 32 - "Is My Kid Normal?" Episode 33 - Dennis Miller Episode 34 - Barry Manilow Episode 35 - A Soldier's Surprise Episode 36 - "Make Me Sexy Again!" Episode 37 - Anna Nicole Smith Exclusive Episode 38 - Desperate to Be Beautiful Episode 39 - Brooke Shields Episode 40 - Entertaining with Molly Sims Episode 41 - Oprah and Gayle's Friendship Episode 42 - Ruben Studdard Episode 43 - Easiest Thanksgiving Ever Episode 44 - Tim Robbins Episode 45 - Mystery Taster Denis Leary Episode 46 - Ultimate Wedding Guide Episode 47 - Thanksgiving Tool Kit Episode 48 - Marcia Cross Episode 49 - Thanksgiving Day Special Episode 50 - Never-Before-Seen Oprah! Episode 51 - First-Ever Tradeoff Episode 52 - Rachael Faces Her Biggest Fear Episode 53 - Tailgating with Joe Montana Episode 54 - "My Kids Won't Listen!" Episode 55 - Ultimate Gift-Giving Guide Episode 56 - Dancing Champ Emmitt Smith Episode 57 - Little People, Big World Episode 58 - Food Rescue Episode 59 - A Christmas Story Episode 60 - Jenny McCarthy & Wynonna Episode 61 - Bad-Mannered Kids Episode 62 - America's Hottest Bachelors Episode 63 - Potluck Fashion Episode 64 - Stress-Free Holiday Parties Episode 65 - Single Girl Challenge Episode 66 - Curvy Girl Holiday Fashion Episode 67 - A Holiday Surprise Episode 68 - Celebrity Open House Episode 69 - Hot Trends for 2007 Episode 70 - Fashion Dos and Don'ts Episode 71 - Family Dinner Night Episode 72 - Jessica Simpson's Surprise Episode 73 - Dr. Phil's One-Pot Meal Episode 74 - Celebrity Open House Episode 75 - Wild Animals Episode 76 - Bottom-of-the-Jar Recipes Episode 77 - The "O" Factor Episode 78 - Weight Loss Resolutions Episode 79 - Healthy Foods for 2007 Episode 80 - Real-Life Fashion Emergencies Episode 81 - First-Ever Make-Under Episode 82 - Torn Between Two Lovers Episode 83 - Coming-of-Age Dilemmas Episode 84 - Reinventing Leftovers Episode 85 - Bobby Flay and Lisa Rinna Episode 86 - "Should I Spy on My Kids" Episode 87 - Everybody Loves Patricia Heaton Episode 88 - Pets: Is This Normal? Episode 89 - Surviving the First Year of Divorce Episode 90 - Cybill Shepherd Episode 91 - "Dreamgirl" Jennifer Hudson Episode 92 - Rupert Everett Episode 93 - Teen Fashion: Mother vs. Daughter Episode 94 - LL Cool J Episode 95 - Co-ed Sleepovers Episode 96 - Supernanny to the Rescue Episode 97 - Montel Williams Episode 98 - A Girl's Guide to Guys Episode 99 - Felicity Huffman Episode 100 - Super Bowl Food with Jerry Rice Episode 101 - "Heroes" Ali Larter Episode 102 - Katharine McPhee Episode 103 - Step-Parenting Pitfalls Episode 104 - "My Kid Wants Plastic Surgery!" Episode 105 - Worst Kitchen in America Episode 106 - First Lady Laura Bush Episode 107 - Kristin Davis and Mario Batali Episode 108 - Susan Lucci's Sleepwear Makeover Episode 109 - Celebrity Mystery Taster Episode 110 - Kids and Body Image Episode 111 - Joan Lunden and Gabrielle Union Episode 112 - Is Chivalry Dead? Episode 113 - "ER" Hot Doc John Stamos Episode 114 - The Ultimate Oscar Party Episode 115 - Heat and Eat Episode 116 - Anchorwoman Makeover Episode 117 - Rach's Oscar Video Diary Episode 118 - Wild Wednesday Episode 119 - Celebrity Fashion for Less Episode 120 - Sex Myths and Truths Episode 121 - How to Do Anything! Episode 122 - Empty-Nest Mom Episode 123 - Marcia Cross Episode 124 - Toddler 4-1-1 Episode 125 - How Safe Is Your Home? Episode 126 - Menopause Support Group Episode 127 - Million-Dollar Moms Episode 128 - Soap Star Dancing Challenge Episode 129 - The Perfect Potluck Episode 130 - Chicken Three Ways Episode 131 - Julia Louis-Dreyfus Episode 132 - Battle of the Sexes Episode 133 - Law & Order Day Episode 134 - Quit Your Nagging! Episode 135 - A Soldier's Surprise Episode 136 - Airline Horror Stories Episode 137 - Barry Manilow Episode 138 - CSI's Melina Kanakaredes Episode 139 - Restaurant Check Etiquette Episode 140 - The Ultimate Sweet 16 Episode 141 - Kenny Loggins Episode 142 - Antiques Throwdown Episode 143 - Mystery Taster Denis Leary Episode 144 - LL Cool J Episode 145 - His and Hers Home Makeover Episode 146 - Celebrity Incognito Episode 147 - Size 0 Horror Stories Episode 148 - Dancing with Laila Ali Episode 149 - To Spy or Not to Spy Episode 150 - Getting Real with Lauren Conrad Episode 151 - Picky Eater's Lunchbox Episode 152 - Valerie Bertinelli Episode 153 - Unluckiest Bride Episode 154 - Does Marriage Matter Anymore? Episode 155 - Babysitting Horror Stories Episode 156 - How to Make Over Anything Episode 157 - Aaron Eckhart Episode 158 - New York vs. Chicago Pizza Throwdown Episode 159 - President Bill Clinton Episode 160 - Michael J. Fox Episode 161 - The Prom at Enterprise High Episode 162 - Judge Judy Episode 163 - "It's Not Your Fault You're Fat" Episode 164 - Grey's Anatomy's Justin Chambers Episode 165 - A Dame of a Mystery Taster Episode 166 - Robin McGraw's Beauty Secrets Episode 167 - After the Prom for Enterprise High Episode 168 - Patricia Arquette Episode 169 - Craig Ferguson Episode 170 - Paula Deen & Family Episode 171 - Sanjaya Tells All Episode 172 - Ty Pennington Episode 173 - Jamie-Lynn Sigler Episode 174 - 3 Dates In 3 States Episode 175 - Prom Night - Teens vs. Parents Episode 176 - Rachael's Rollover Suppers Episode 177 - Law and Order: SVU's Chris Meloni Episode 178 - Animals vs. Audience Episode 179 - A Girl's Guide to Guys Episode 180 - Supernanny to the Rescue Episode 181 - A Salute to Summer Episode 182 - Montel Williams Episode 183 - One Meal, Many Ways Episode 184 - Food for Thought Episode 185 - Curvy Girl Fashion Episode 186 - Nancy Drew's Emma Roberts Episode 187 - Heroes' Adrian Pasdar Episode 188 - Mother/Daughter Wars Episode 189 - Where the Pros Shop Episode 190 - Fourth of July with Kyra Sedgwick Episode 191 - Space-Saving Ideas Episode 192 - Valerie Bertinelli Episode 193 - Do-it-Yourself Spa Party Episode 194 - Rach's Road Trip Episode 195 - The "Last-Minute Ideas" Show Episode 196 - Kids in the Kitchen Episode 197 - The Next Food Network Star Showdown Episode 198 - Oprah Winfrey Episode 199 - Kid Travel Horror Stories Episode 200 - Meal Makeover Episode 201 - Jeffrey Dean Morgan Episode 202 - Firehouse Chili Cook-off Episode 203 - Fashion Fakeouts Episode 204 - Tim Allen Episode 205 - Brad Garrett Episode 206 - Dame Julie Andrews Episode 207 - Dustin Hoffman Episode 208 - Neil Patrick Harris Episode 209 - Project Runway's Tim Gunn Episode 210 - Gary Sinise Episode 211 - The Best of Season One
Season 2
Episode 1 Episode 2 - Valerie Bertinelli Episode 3 - 10-Ingredient Challenge Episode 4 - The Surprise Show Episode 5 - Celebrity Face-Off Episode 6 - Dr. Phil Episode 7 - Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe Episode 8 - Patricia Heaton Episode 9 - Elliott Yamin Episode 10 - Sean Combs Episode 11 - All-New Mystery Taster Episode 12 - What Will You Look Like in 20 Years? Episode 13 - Kelsey Grammer Episode 14 - The Rock Episode 15 - Patricia Wettig Episode 16 - CSI: Miami’s Emily Procter Episode 17 - Better Than Botox? Episode 18 - Oktoberfest Episode 19 - Kimora Lee Simmons Episode 20 - Couch Potato Kids Episode 21 - Jenna Bush Episode 22 - New Lunchbox Ideas Episode 23 - Minnie Driver Episode 24 - Tina Fey Episode 25 - Nicollette Sheridan Episode 26 - Celebrity Mystery Taster Episode 27 - 15-Minute Eye Lift Episode 28 - The Biggest Loser Episode 29 - Survivor's Jeff Probst Episode 30 - Inside Bobby Flay’s Kitchen Episode 31 - Stars of Friday Night Lights Episode 32 - Valerie Bertinelli Joins the Show Episode 33 - Dilley Sextuplets Episode 34 - Angie Harmon Episode 35 - Steve Carell Episode 36 - Drew Carey Episode 37 - Michael Bublé Episode 38 - Halloween Mystery Trick-or-Treater Episode 39 - Christie Brinkley Episode 40 - Jerry O’Connell Episode 41 - So You Think You Can Cook?! Episode 42 - Robin McGraw Episode 43 - Oscar-Winning Mystery Taster Episode 44 - Sara Ramirez Episode 45 - Vanessa Williams Episode 46 - So You Think You Can Cook?! Round 2 Episode 47 - Paula Deen Episode 48 - Food Network's Nigella Lawson Episode 49 - John Stamos Episode 50 - Teri Hatcher Is Back! Episode 51 - So You Think You Can Cook?! Round 3 Episode 52 - Eric Dane Episode 53 - Behind the Scenes of Us Weekly Episode 54 - Thanksgiving Day Special Episode 55 - Dustin Hoffman Episode 56 - So You Think You Can Cook?! Finale Episode 57 - Valerie Bertinelli's Huge Christmas Surprise Episode 58 - Susan Lucci Episode 59 - Mark Steines' Tips for the Perfect Holiday Card Episode 60 - Deborah Norville Episode 61 - The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco Episode 62 - Dancing with the Stars Winners Episode 63 - Tim Gunn Makes Over Rachael's Staff Episode 64 - Can Tracy Morgan "Stump the Rach"? Episode 65 - Mario Lopez and Melissa Joan Hart Episode 66 - Jennifer Garner Episode 67 - Jeff Foxworthy Episode 68 - John Cusack & Rach's Mom Episode 69 - Jarod's Wild Winter Wonderland Episode 70 - Justin Long and Gloria Estefan Episode 71 - Dr. Phil and Robin's Family Christmas Episode 72 - Anne Hathaway and Marlo Thomas Episode 73 - Kristin Davis Episode 74 - Josh Groban Episode 75 - Helen Mirren Episode 76 - Rachael’s Christmas Surprise Episode 77 - Elizabeth Edwards Episode 78 - Favorite Celebrity Moments Episode 79 - Emily Procter Episode 80 - The Surprise Show Episode 81 - Private Practice's Tim Daly Episode 82 - I Lost 200 Lbs. - and All My Friends Episode 83 - Heroes' Masi Oka Episode 84 - Celebrity Incognito
Season 6
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 - Salma Hayek's Beauty School Episode 4 Episode 5 - Fall Favorites Show Episode 6 - The Great Philly Grill-Off With Patti LaBelle & Ty Pennington Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 - Tyra Banks' Soul-Food Cooking Lesson Episode 14 - Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe Episode 15 - Momma-Palooza Show Episode 16 Episode 17 Episode 18 Episode 19 - Julianne Moore Episode 20 - Rachael Boxes With Hugh Jackman Episode 21 Episode 22 - Rachael's Wine and Cheese Party Episode 23 Episode 24 Episode 25 - The Remake Show Episode 26 Episode 27 Episode 28 Episode 29 Episode 30 - Hey, Can You Cook?! All-Stars Episode 31 Episode 32 - I Used to Be Fat Makeovers Episode 33 - Rach's Most Terrifying Moment Ever! Episode 34 Episode 35 - Hey, Can You Cook?! All-Stars, Round 2 Episode 36 - Co-Host Monday With Guy Fieri Episode 37 Episode 38 - Rach for Rent! Episode 39 Episode 40 - Katie Holmes & Adam Sandler Episode 41 - Julie Andrews & Nick Cannon Episode 42 - Jillian Michaels Trains Rach Episode 43 Episode 44 Episode 45 - Hey, Can You Cook?! Finale Episode 46 Episode 47 Episode 48 Episode 49 - Beauty & Food Breakdown Episode 50 - Mario Batali Episode 51 Episode 52 Episode 53 Episode 54 Episode 55 - Meal, a Movie and a Makeover! Episode 56 Episode 57 - Jessica & Ashlee Simpson's Fashion Show Episode 58 Episode 59 Episode 60 Episode 61 - Return of Regis Episode 62 Episode 63 Episode 64 Episode 65 Episode 66 Episode 67 Episode 68 Episode 69 Episode 70 - Desperate Housewives' Marcia Cross Episode 71 - Grocery Store Deals and Tips Episode 72 - The Most Requested Show Episode 73 - Trash or Treasure? Episode 74 Episode 75 - Dinner & Dessert With the Cake Boss Episode 76 - Elisabeth Hasselbeck Episode 77 Episode 78 - Jennifer Hudson Episode 79 Episode 80 Episode 81 Episode 82 - Culinary Scene Investigation Episode 83 - Mystery Taster Episode 84 Episode 85 Episode 86 - Sherri Shepherd Episode 87 - Michelle Obama Exclusive Episode 88 Episode 89 Episode 90 - 2, 12 & 22 Episode 91 - David Duchovny & Vanessa Lachey Episode 92 - Tip-Off 2012 Episode 93 - Mystery Taster Episode 94 Episode 95 Episode 96 Episode 97 Episode 98 - Mob Wives Makeunder Episode 99 - Greg Kinnear Episode 100 - 1000th Episode Celebration Episode 101 - Fat Tuesday Party Episode 102 - Khloe Kardashian Odom Episode 103 - First Timers Transformed Episode 104 - Red Carpet Party Episode 105 - 2 for 1 Meal, Tips & Makeovers! Episode 106 - 1 Million Pound Makeover Episode 107 - Leaps of Faith Episode 108 - Back to Basics Episode 109 - Mix & Match Episode 110 - Save vs. Spend Episode 111 - Larry the Cable Guy Episode 112 - Mystery Taster Episode 113 - Housewarming Party Episode 114 - Timesaving Tips Episode 115 - William Shatner Takes On Viewer Questions Episode 116 - St. Patrick's Day Celebration Episode 117 - Six Shoes You Must Have in Your Closet Episode 118 - Declutter Your Home in a Few Simple Steps Episode 119 - Tips for the Perfect-Fitting Bra Episode 120 - Memorial Day at the Farmers Market Episode 121 - Rachael and Gwyneth Paltrow Set the Record Straight Episode 122 - Dancing With the Stars' Brooke Burke-Charvet Episode 123 - Christian Slater
Season 8
Episode 1 - 9/17 Episode 2 - Steve Harvey Is in the House, Helping One Man Get a Comb-Over Makeover and Solving Our Audience's Family Feuds! Episode 3 - Bobby Flay Co-Hosts, Rach and Bobby Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day and Dr. Phil Stops By! Episode 4 - Julie Chen and Sharon Osbourne of The Talk Dish on Hot Topics and One Mom Enlists Us to Pull Off a Jaw-Dropping Makeover on Her Single Son! Episode 5 - Regis Philbin Is Back and Gets a Cooking Lesson From the Kids of Rach vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off; Linda Ronstadt Talks About Her Health Scare Episode 6 - Bill Bellamy Joins Rach as Co-Host and Challenges Her to a Game of Stump the Rach; Kevin and Dani Jonas Episode 7 - Ladies' Night Goes to Daytime! Giada DeLaurentiis, Gretta Monahan and Katie Lee Stop by to Make Perfect Party Snacks Episode 8 - Alyson Hannigan Dishes on the Final Season of How I Met Your Mother, Gretta's Son Kai Gets His First Haircut Episode 9 - TLC's Cake Boss Buddy Valastro Serves His Blondies at the Emmys Red Carpet, Jill Scott Helps Viewers Solve Cleavage Crimes Episode 10 - Donnie Wahlberg Is Heating Things Up in Our Kitchen! He's Getting a Lesson in Making the Perfect Steak From Legendary Chef Jacques Pépin! Episode 11 - We're Celebrating Incredible Weight-Loss Stories! Our Audience Has Lost a Combined Total of 20,000 Pounds Episode 12 - The Legendary Susan Lucci Is Spilling the Secrets to a Successful Marriage! Then, Are You Dressy, Casual or Girly? Episode 13 - Rach and Her Celeb Chef Pals Make Four Two-for-One Meals! Episode 14 - Fix Your Biggest Fails! TLC's Cake Boss Buddy Valastro Fixes Baking Disasters, and a Woman Whose Hair Makes Her Look Years Older Episode 15 - Ann Romney and Governor Mitt Romney Cook Up a Recipe From Ann's New Cookbook; Romance Novelist Superstar Nicholas Sparks Episode 16 - Can a Menu Make You Spend More? We Uncover What They Don't Want You to Know! Plus, Giuliana and Bill Rancic Stop By! Episode 17 - Can You Cook a Delicious Meal With Items From a Dollar Store? Two Chefs go Head-to-Head in a Dollar Store Cook-Off! And, Peter Walsh Episode 18 - Bubblegum That Tastes Like a Hot Dog? We're Looking Into the Future and Getting the Scoop on the Coolest Food Episode 19 - Bobby Flay Co-Hosts and Jessica Seinfeld Joins Them in the Kitchen! Episode 20 - Music Legend Kenny Rogers Cooks With Rach and Chelsea Clinton Chats at the Kitchen Table! Episode 21 - Kelly Clarkson Dishes on Her Wedding and Favorite Reality Singing Shows; Plus She Surprises a Superfan! Episode 22 - The Legendary Tony Bennett Performs In-Studio, and Biggest Loser Trainer Bob Harper Makes Us Sweat With On-the-Spot Workouts! Episode 23 - Sunny Anderson Shows Us Ten Recipes That Only Call for Two Ingredients! Plus, Nashville Star Connie Britton Dishes on Her Beauty Secrets Episode 24 - White Collar Star Matt Bomer Chats With Rach; Dr. Ian Plays Food Detective and Uncovers What Some Restaurants May Not Want You to Know! Episode 25 - Clinton Kelly Shares His Tips for Looking Great on a Budget, Chef Daniel Boulud Cooks With Rachael, and Haylie Duff Stops By! Episode 26 - Rachael Shares Her Fall Favorites: Everything From Party Snacks to Fashion! Plus, CeeLo Green Is Chatting About a New Season of The Voice Episode 27 - Debra Messing and Eric McCormack From Will & Grace Reunite on Our Set! And, Rachael Shows How to Make Three Meals From One Grocery Bag! Episode 28 - Danson Is Hanging With Rach, and He's Dishing on His Hidden Talents and Whether There Will Be a Cheers Reunion! Episode 29 - Co-Host Regis Philbin Takes on a Sammie Smackdown Challenge! Plus, Two Teams Battle It Out in a Halloween Centerpiece Challenge Episode 30 - Julie Andrews Is Chatting With Rachael and We're Showing You How to Prepare for Halloween in a Hurry! Episode 31 - Co-Host Bobby Flay Shares His Game Plan for the Grocery Store and Animal Expert Jarod Miller Episode 32 - It's Our Celebrity Hidden Talent Show, and Modern Family's Julie Bowen Is Here to Share Hers! Plus, Robin Quivers Episode 33 - Could You Live on a $60 Weekly Grocery Budget for a Family of Four? Episode 34 - It's Our Halloween Show! Rachael and Her Husband John Are Pirates-in-Crime Making Tons of Tasty Halloween Recipes! And, Guy Fieri Stops By Episode 35 - Neil Patrick Harris Chats With Rach and Emeril Lagasse Shares His Favorite Slow Cooker Recipes! Episode 36 - Regis and Joy Philbin and Bill and Kristen Bellamy Join Rachael in the Kitchen: We're Throwing an Open House Party Episode 37 - Our Studio's Heating Up: Jenny McCarthy Is Judging Our Sizzling Five-Alarm Cook-Off Episode 38 - Could You Lose Up to Seven Pounds in Seven Days With Dr. Ian's Detox Diet? One Viewer Is Putting It to the Test! Plus, Bill O'Reilly! Episode 39 - Rach and TLC's Cake Boss Buddy Valastro Get Ready for Thanksgiving by Spinning the Wheel of Pie and the Wheel of Gravy! Episode 40 - Tom Selleck Chats With Rachael, and Sunny Anderson Shows Off the Coolest Thanksgiving Kitchen Gadgets! Episode 41 - We're Kicking Off Wild Turkey Week With Chef Richard Blais and His Spin on the Thanksgiving Classic! Plus, Liv Tyler and Her Grandmother Episode 42 - Bill Bellamy Co-Hosts With Rachael as Wild Turkey Week Continues With Restaurant: Impossible Host Robert Irvine and His Turkey Wellington! Episode 43 - Mario Batali Takes Wild Turkey Week for an Italian Spin! Plus, The Biggest Loser's Dolvett Quince Helps You Keep Off Those Holiday Pounds Episode 44 - Nick Cannon Stops By and Helps Rachael Answer Calls From the Foodie Phone Booth! Then, Ming Tsai Makes His Wild Turkey Dish Episode 45 - Wild Turkey Week Goes Out With a Buffalo Bang! We're Turning Thanksgiving Into Buffalo Ranch-Giving Episode 46 - We've Got Two Oscar Winners in the House: Whoopi Goldberg and Geoffrey Rush! Episode 47 - Who Wants to Be a Meal-ionaire?! Cedric the Entertainer Is Here to Challenge Rachael to a Round of Millionaire! Episode 48 - We're Getting Ready for Turkey Day With a Brand-New Game: In the Bag! Sunny Anderson and Josh Capon Go Head-to-Head Episode 49 - Michael J. Fox Is Here! He's Answering Our Audience Questions and Dishing on His Thanksgiving Disasters! Episode 50 - Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is Taking Us Behind the Scenes of Fox & Friends! Episode 51 - Our Entire Audience Is Full of Real-Life Heroes and We're Saying Thanks With Our Biggest Giveaway Show of the Year! Episode 52 - We're Prepping for the Day After Thanksgiving With a Leftover Takeover! Plus, Kathy Griffin Is Here! Episode 53 - Do You Miss Oprah's Favorite Things? Gayle King Is Bringing Them Back on Rachael Ray and Showing Us What's on This Year's List! Episode 54 - Rock the Hottest Holiday Trends ... Without Spending Big! It's Save vs. Spend: Holiday Edition! Plus, Funnyman Josh Gad Hangs Out With Rach! Episode 55 - We're Going Inside the Kitchens of Some of Our Favorite Celebrity Chefs! Plus, Jacques Pépin Shows Off His Home Episode 56 - Rach Goes Head-to-Head With TLC's Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, in a Cake Decorating Competition ... But She Gets One Major Advantage! Episode 57 - Avoid Your Past Style Mistakes: Clinton Kelly Is Turning Holiday Disasters Into Holiday Hits! Episode 58 - Regis Is Co-Hosting and He's Testing His Strength in a Game With True Blood's Joe Manganiello! Episode 59 - Jack Osbourne Brings His Dancing With the Stars Moves to Our Studio and Carter Oosterhouse Takes Us Shopping for the Perfect Christmas Tree! Episode 60 - Playing Spin the Bottle With the Legendary Dr. Ruth Westheimer to Answer Your Sex Questions! Episode 61 - Three Viewers Test Out Beauty Products to Glam Up Their Holiday Party Looks! Then, Nate Berkus Is Solving Holiday Decor Dilemmas! Episode 62 - Looking for Affordable Ways to Celebrate This Season? We're Challenging Two Chefs to Cook Holiday Eats Using Only Dollar Store Items! Episode 63 - We're Celebrating the Release of Anchorman 2 With Our Own Anchorman Cook-Off! Three Anchors From Stations Across the Country Throw Down Episode 64 - Rachael's Chatting With Mark Consuelos, Pastry Chef Heather Bertinetti's Making Two Sweet Treats Episode 65 - It's Our Rollover Show: Holiday Party Edition! Rachael and Co-Host Bobby Flay Make Short Ribs That Roll Over Into a Pasta Dish! Episode 66 - Curtis 50 Cent Jackson Is in the House and He's Answering Your Questions by Shooting Some Hoops in Our Studio! Episode 67 - It's Rachael's Cookie Show With Trisha Yearwood and Bill Bellamy! Episode 68 - It's All About the Burger! Rachael and Bobby Flay Share Their Secrets for the Perfect Burger Episode 69 - We're Counting Down Rachael's Top Ten Recipes, as Chosen by Our Viewers! From BLT Penne to a Make-Your-Own Takeout Dish! Episode 70 - Dr. Ian Smith's Giving Us the Scoop on His New Super Shred Diet! Episode 71 - Today Is All About the Fridge! Episode 72 - Three Viewers Are Testing Out Products That Claim to Make Your Life Easier in the Kitchen! Episode 73 - One Dad Gets a New Look for the New Year: Including His First Haircut in 20 Years! Episode 74 - Get Your Game Day Snacks Ready! Episode 75 - We've Got Five New Superfoods That Could Help With Your Weight-Loss Resolution! Episode 76 - Could Nine Minutes Be All It Takes to Get Rid of Cellulite?! We're Showing Two Simple Treatments -- and Foods That Help Fight It! Episode 77 - Sherri Shepherd's Hanging Out With Rachael Today! They Chat With Sophia Bush and Learn How to Look Great and Avoid Hat Hair Episode 78 - TLC's Cake Boss Buddy Valastro Is in the House! Plus, We're Working Out With Jillian Michaels and Chatting With Zach Gilford! Episode 79 - Is Your Underwear Giving You Trouble With Panty Lines or Muffin Top? We're Fixing the Top Three Underwear Mistakes Women Make! Episode 80 - Kids' Cooking School Is in Session With Legendary Chef Jacques Pépin! He's Making One Four-Year-Old Fan's Dream Come True! Episode 81 - Teaming Up With the NFL to Make One Superfan's Dream Come True and Win Tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII! Episode 82 - Cameron Diaz Is Here Today! What Are Her Secrets to Getting the Body You Will Love? Episode 83 - Feel Like You Have a Closet Full of Clothes, but Nothing to Wear?! Episode 84 - Could Your Haircut Make You Look Thinner?! Three Viewers Take the Plunge With Brand-New Cuts That Work With Their Unique Face Shapes! Episode 85 - Which 2014 Diet Trends Should You Do or Ditch?! Dr. Ian Smith Breaks Down This Year's Biggest Fads! Episode 86 - Get Game Day Ready: Two Rock Star Chefs Are Battling It Out Before the Big Game With Four Dip Recipes! Episode 87 - You'll Never Believe What Items in Your Home and in Your Purse Could Be Putting You at Risk for Identity Theft! Episode 88 - Three NFL Superstars Are Competing in Our Kitchen, and They're Throwing Down Their Best Game Day Dishes in Our Super Bowl Recipe Playoff! Episode 89 - Kate Hudson Is Here to Chat and Make a Game Day Snack With Rachael; Plus, She's Serving Up Great Workout Looks for Our Viewers! Episode 90 - For the First Time Ever, Rachael Has a Partner in Crime to Help Her Identify Our Mystery Taster: Emeril Lagasse Is Co-Hosting! Episode 91 - Sunny Anderson Is Making Ten Recipes That Only Require Two Ingredients Each! Episode 92 - Can Kitchen Gadgets Really Deliver the Perfect Pizza or Breakfast Sandwich? Episode 93 - Rachael's Transformed Her Studio Into a Giant Ice Rink for a Gold Medal Gourmet Cook-Off! Episode 94 - Donnie Wahlberg Is Co-Hosting With Rachael! He's Cooking Up His Family's Signature Burger, and Chatting About His Hit Show, Blue Bloods! Episode 95 - We're Kicking Off Waffle Week, and Bobby Flay Is in the House to Co-Host With Rach! Rachael's Making New Waffle Recipes Every Day Episode 96 - Can You Feed Your Family for Free?! One Mom Reveals Her Tricks to Getting a Week's Worth of Groceries Without Paying a Cent Episode 97 - Waffle Week Continues as Clinton Kelly Helps Rach Make Spinach and Artichoke Waffles! And, He's Helping Three Couples Fix Their Love Lives Episode 98 - Rach Hits the Gym With Dr. Ian Smith! He's Sharing His New Workout Method Episode 99 - We're Celebrating Valentine's Day With Regis and Joy Philbin! Regis and Rach Wrap Up Waffle Week With a Red Velvet Waffle Episode 100 - Have a Fridge Full of Food, but Don't Know What to Cook? Chefs Sunny Anderson, Scott Conant and Jeff Mauro Raid One Viewer's Fridge Episode 101 - Could You Transform Your Love Life Just by Rearranging Your Room?! Episode 102 - Katie Holmes Is Stopping By to Make Mac and Cheese With Rach! Episode 103 - Ever Wanted to Go Decor Shopping With Nate Berkus? Or Grocery Shopping With Richard Blais? Episode 104 - We're Celebrating the Academy Awards! Good Morning America's Lara Spencer Is Serving Up Her Red Carpet Beauty Tips and Three Tasty Dips Episode 105 - Cooking School Is in Session! Chef Bobby Flay, Chef Jacques Pépin and Chef Richard Blais Go Back to Basics Episode 106 - Sunny Anderson Is Hanging With Rach for the Whole Hour, and She's Throwing Down a Slow Cooker Pulled Pork, Plus 10 Instant Suppers! Episode 107 - Rachael's Turning Her Studio Into a Pizzeria, and Our Entire Audience Is Tossing Their Own Dough! Episode 108 - TLC's Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, Is Helping Our Entire Audience Frost Cakes; They're Following Along to Learn His Expert Techniques! Episode 109 - Nick Lachey Is in the House Today for the Whole Show! He and Rachael Are Surprising One Young Music Fan With His Favorite Band! Episode 110 - Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings From 2 Broke Girls are Racing Rachael to See Who Would Make the Best Waitress -- and the Girls Are Dishing Episode 111 - We're Celebrating Fat Tuesday With Sunny Anderson! She's Making Festive Beignets!; Plus, Jenna Elfman Is Joining the Fun Episode 112 - Rachael Is Teaming Up With First Lady Michelle Obama! They're Cooking in the White House Kitchen -- And the First Lady Is Answering Episode 113 - Chelsea Handler Is in the House With Rachael and They're Answering Calls From the Foodie Phone Booth! Episode 114 - Legendary Jane Fonda Is Dishing Out Sex Advice for Our Viewers! Episode 115 - Sunny Anderson Is Hanging With Rach All Day, and They're Pitting Two Food Network Stars Against Each Other in a Cooking Competition Episode 116 - Want a Hairbrush That Dries and Styles at the Same Time, or a Hairdryer That Lets You Dry Hands-Free?! Episode 117 - It's Our Couch Potato Show, and Bill Bellamy Is Hanging With Rach to Whip Up His Favorite Snacks for Lazy Days! Episode 118 - Wedding Bells Are Ringing for Our Pal Nate Berkus, and We're Helping Him Plan the Sweetest Part of the Party: the Cake! Episode 119 - Chef Curtis Stone Is Hanging With Rach for the Whole Show to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day! Episode 120 - Which Is Worse for Your Diet: Fat or Sugar? Two Doctors Claim the Answer Could Be Found Using Doughnuts! Episode 121 - It's Ray and Flay Day! Bobby Flay Is Hanging With Rach for the Whole Show, and He's Making a Dish From His New Restaurant in New York City! Episode 122 - Ever Wonder What Could Be Hidden in Your Food? Dr. Ian Smith Takes a Look at Some Unlikely Things That May Be in Your Daily Diet! Episode 123 - Peter Walsh Is Hanging With Rach for the Whole Hour! They're Joined by the Hilarious Niecy Nash, Who's Helping Fix Our Audience's Love Lives Episode 124 - Don't Have Time for a Workout? Think Again! Rachael's Hitting the Gym With Dr. Ian Smith to Try His New 15-Minute Workout Episode 125 - The Most Wanted Man in Hollywood Is in the House ... Kermit the Frog! He's Spilling His Hidden Talent! Episode 126 - Vice President Joe Biden Is Chatting With Rach Episode 127 - It's April Fools' Day, and This Time, the Prank Is on Rachael: It's Mystery Taster Day! Then, Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe Episode 128 - Regis Philbin Is Hanging With Rach, and He's Challenging Her to Play Against Chris Meloni in Our Most Eye-Popping Game Ever! Episode 129 - A Show Business Legend Is in the House: Bette Midler! And, Olympic Gold Medalist Brian Boitano Is Cooking Up a Recipe From His Cookbook! Episode 130 - Cannon Is in the House With Rach! Plus, Rachael's Cooking With Kurt Warner and His Wife, Brenda! Episode 131 - America's Got Talent Judge Heidi Klum Is in Our Kitchen Showing Off Her Cooking Talents by Making a Classic German Recipe! Episode 132 - Clinton Kelly Is Reviving the Wardrobe of One Woman Who Lost Over 60 Pounds! Plus, Maria Menounos Is Making a Figure-Friendly Snack Episode 133 - Rachael and Cedric the Entertainer Are Ringing Up a Phone Booth We Put in the Middle of Manhattan to Test New York's Trivia Smarts! Episode 134 - If You Love Rock and Roll, This Show Is for You! Hall & Oates Are Here to Celebrate Their Induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Episode 135 - We've Got Two Stars in the House! Denis Leary Is Hanging With Rach, and Brooklyn Decker Is Dishing on Her New Show! Episode 136 - We're Celebrating Moms, Starting With the Funniest One on TV: Mom Star Allison Janney! Then, Mom of Three Melissa Joan Hart Episode 137 - Gretta Monahan and Katie Lee Are Swapping Homes to Organize Each Other's Kitchen and Closet! Then, Chef Ryan Scott Episode 138 - Rachael's Hanging With the Charming Greg Kinnear! He's Revealing the Worst Job He's Ever Had and Sharing His Easter Traditions! Episode 139 - Rach Is Getting Ready for Easter With Elisabeth Hasselbeck! Rachael Has Easter Supper Covered With a Slow-Roasted Leg of Lamb Episode 140 - It's Ray and Flay Day! Rach Kicks Things Off With a Challenge for Bobby Episode 141 - Alley Is Here, and She's Throwing Down a Figure-Friendly Chicken Dinner! Plus, She's Helping One Inspirational Viewer Episode 142 - Sunny Anderson's Lighting Up Our Kitchen With Four No-Bake Desserts! Episode 143 - Jesse Tyler Ferguson Is Hanging With Rach! What Will He Say When Rach Gives Him 60 Seconds to Dish on Anything He Wants?! Episode 144 - Rachael's Crashing One Couple's Wedding, Then Sending Her Pal Bert Kreischer to City Hall Episode 145 - The Amazing Race Host Phil Keoghan Is Hosting Our Amazing Taste! Audience Members Go All Over New York City to Track Down Ingredients Episode 146 - Aspiring Cookbook Authors Are Competing in Our Studio to Win the Prize of a Lifetime: A Book Contract With Rachael Ray Books! Episode 147 - Your Most-Requested Questions Are Answered by Rachael, Sunny Anderson, Peter Walsh and Mally Roncal! Episode 148 - Katie Lee Is Our Short Order Cook Today, and Her First Customer Is Dr. Phil! And, He's Answering Our Audience's Most Pressing Questions! Episode 149 - Sunny Anderson's Throwing Down No-Cook Suppers That Will Make the Whole Family Happy! Plus, Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is Hanging With Rach Episode 150 - The New York Giants' Victor Cruz Is Hanging With Rach All Day to Get Ready for Cinco de Mayo Episode 151 - Kiefer Sutherland Is Dishing on Everything From What's on His Bucket List to the One Actor He Most Wants to Work With! Episode 152 - Rach and America's Got Talent Judge Howie Mandel Are Putting Unsuspecting Fans on the Line Episode 153 - Emeril's Kicking It Up a Notch as Rachael's Co-Host ... and They're Making Their Favorite Midnight Snacks! Episode 154 - Dr. Travis Stork Is Whipping Up a Tasty Weight-Loss Smoothie! Then, Chef Richard Blais Is Making a Chili-Spiced Corn on the Cob! Episode 155 - It's Our Mother's Day Show, and We've Got One Awesome Mom in the House: Frozen Star Kristen Bell Episode 156 - Our Cookbook Competition Is Down to Three Competitors, and Shark Tank's Lori Greiner Is Deciding Which Two Make It to the Finale! Episode 157 - Could You Lose Two Inches From Your Middle in 20 Minutes?! See How Much One Viewer Loses During Our Show Using a Cutting-Edge Treatment! Episode 158 - We're Turning Our Studio Into One Huge Garage Sale ... and Patricia Heaton's Stopping by to Sell One of Her Treasures From The Middle! Episode 159 - Guy Fieri Is Firing Up the Grill to Make a Steak Taco Salad! Plus, He and Rach Are Surprising Four Young Superfans! Episode 160 - Dr. Oz Is Helping Us Find the Perfect Sleep Position to Prevent Heartburn, Snoring and Wrinkles! Episode 161 - It's Down to Two for the Chance to Win Our Great American Cookbook Competition! Episode 162 - Donny Osmond's Got the Surprise of a Lifetime for One of His Superfans! Episode 163 - Rachael's Showing You the Five Recipes You Need to Make Before You Die, With the Help of Guy Fieri, Emeril Lagasse and Sunny Anderson! Episode 164 - What's the Best Way to Avoid Summer Sunburns? How Can You Entertain in Your Kitchen? We're Answering Your Biggest Questions! Episode 165 - We're Celebrating Independence Day With a Refreshing Watermelon Cake!; Nolan Ryan Takes His Talent From the Baseball Diamond to the Kitchen Episode 166 - Can You Grill a Bloody Mary ... or Pickles?! Sunny Anderson Shows Us Her To Grill or Not to Grill Tips and Tricks! Episode 167 - We're Getting You High-End Results at Home, for Everything From Food to Beauty! Episode 168 - Can Dark Chocolate Actually Protect Your Skin?! Dr. Ian Smith's Breaking Down Surprising Tools That Will Keep You Safe This Summer! Episode 169 - Could the Money You Use to Pay at the Bar Make You Sick?! Hungry Investors' Jon Taffer Reveals Where to Look Out for Germs Episode 170 - Katie Lee Is Serving Up a Make-Ahead Meal You Cook Once and Eat Twice! Then, Peter Walsh Is Revealing Simple Double-Duty Tips Episode 171 - Donnie Wahlberg, Dr. Phil and Bobby Flay Are Throwing Down Their Best Burgers in Rachael's Kitchen! Episode 172 - Could Multigrain Bread and Trail Mix Be Derailing Your Diet?! Episode 173 - We're Helping Bobby Flay, Alton Brown and Giada De Laurentiis Find the Next Food Network Star! Episode 174 - Start Saving as Much as $1,000 a Month Today! We've Got Easy Tricks to Keep Money in Your Pocket! Episode 175 - Organizational Pro Peter Walsh Is Showing Off Five Money-Saving Cleaning and Organizing Tips! Episode 176 - How You Could Save a Thousand Bucks by the End of the Hour! Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half, Get Food for Free Episode 177 - Sunny Anderson Shows What Simple Ingredient Swaps Can Take Your Store-Bought Cake Mix to the Next Level Episode 178 - How Do You Make a Tiny Bathroom Feel Bigger? Can Full-Figured Women Wear Crop-Tops? How Can You Score a Second Date? Episode 179 - How Can Antacids Help Canker Sores? Can Aspirin Fix Dandruff? How Can a Pot Roast Turn Into a Make-Your-Own Takeout Dish? Episode 180 - Rachael's Taking You Inside Her Pantry! She's Revealing Her Must-Haves Along With TLC's Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, and Sunny Anderson!
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Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray, also known as The Rachael Ray Show, is an American talk show starring Rachael Ray that debuted in syndication in the United States and Canada on September 18, 2006. It is filmed at Chelsea Television Studios in New York City. The show’s 8th season premiered on September 9, 2013, and became the last Harpo show in syndication to switch to HD with a revamped studio. In January 2012, CBS Television Distribution announced a two-year renewal for the show, taking it through the 2013–14 season.

xMovies8 Review:

Rachael Ray – brilliant TV show, one of the best of its category I accept that my expectations are very low before I see this TV series. If a TV series can manage me to stay hooked on the whole TV show online, that’s very impressive.

Easily TV series with the best dialogues ever. There is not a single thing wrong with that TV show. It sets the 10/10 standard for every other TV show in existence for me. Special effects, action and characters give this high rating.

After watching, I really liked the mix of feelings. I decided not to load the Rachael Ray file here now each person can watch this TV series from here for free.

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Genre: Talk


TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 60 min


TMDb: 5.6